Audubon Nature Institute

In 2002 Audubon Nature Institute, a family of museums and parks dedicated to Nature, realized they needed their first online Membership store. And not just any store but one that reflected a wide variety of levels of Membership and options. NolaFlash worked with them until a truly unique store was born and more than a DECADE later NolaFlash is still supporting the latest and greatest version of that store as well as a host of other projects!

Our work for ANI has included

  • Multiple versions of the Audubon Online Membership Store with
    • ability to offer Join, Renewal, and Upgrade purchases for yourself or as a Gift
    • Early Renewal Rewards
    • Coupon Codes for % off, amount off,  and bonus awards
    • PDF Gift Certificate generation
    • Holiday Gift PDF generation
    • a suite of reporting tools and statistical reports on sales, coupons, and YOY reporting
  • Print on Demand Vouchers
    • High end hotels and other businesses in NOLA can partner with ANI to get an account to print their own vouchers for entrance into Audubon’s family of museums and attractions
    • Accounting and client management is a breeze with NolaFlash’s custom tools
  • Wild-Lab
    • a custom built educational framework housing multiple curriculae
    • students learn from a series of multi-media presentations and games
    • teachers get state benchmark linked evaluation tools from each segment
  • Adopt an Animal Store
    • a custom store and administrative suite to help ANI gather donations by allowing visitors to adopt specific Audubon animals
  • Zoo-To-Do Ticketing and Auction Store
    • a store helping ANI with online ticketing and auction for it’s annual gala
  • Audubon Intranet
    • a suite of tools for helping manage day-to-day life when it’s a Zoo!
  • Audubon Bids
    • Audubon Institute needed a way to keep all the bidders on their major projects on the same page. In the past ANI had to fax new specifications to all bidders every time the specifications of a project changed. NolaFlash wrote a custom bid management software package so that bidders could download the latest specs from the ANI web site and be notified by email if new spec sheets become available.
  • XML & Flash Masthead
    • Flash has lost favor now but this was pretty cool in 2008!  ANI staff could make simple text edits to add and remove animations and link them to promoted pages.