New Orleans Satellite Government (Tulane University)

The New Orleans Satellite Government site is an ongoing and interactive project of research and transparency in city government where visitors can explore the connections between city funded organizations and the people who run the city behind the scenes.  NolaFlash implemented the vision of Tulane professors Aaron Schneider and David Marcello to create these tools and the administrative panel that runs them and allows continuous data collection and improvement!

As you can see in the gallery below the site tracks individuals’ relationships with various entities which receive tax dollars and manage areas of policy, lands, and commercial interests of the City of New Orleans.

Seen here is an interactive data visualization by NolaFlash showing linkages between members of the Arts Council for the city and other organizations. Graphical interfaces make it easier to spot the way influence and money flow through back channels in our fair city.  Take a tour starting from the interactive graph and see where it leads!